The Levelator Download and Install

The Levelator Download and Install

Levelator is a software that adjusts the audio levels within your podcast or another audio file for variations from one speaker to the next, for example. It’s not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all three. It’s much more than those tools, and it’s much simpler to use.

The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Levelator’s application window, and a few moments later you’ll find a new version that just sounds better.

The Levelator was a free application distributed by The Conversations Network and developed by Bruce and Malcolm Sharpe, Norman Lorrain and Doug Kaye. Originally distributed by GigaVox Media, Inc (a for-profit company), the rights were transferred to The Conversations Network (a California 501(c)(3)) in 2008. The underlying code was originally used only for The Conversations Network’s own podcasts but was subsequently released to the public, free for commercial and non-commercial use. It was unveiled to the public at the first Podcast and New Media Expo in 2005. The adjustments and drag-and-drop workflow of the Levelator make it a valuable tool for professional and non-professional broadcasters and podcasters.

The Levelator Download and Install
The Levelator Download and Install

As of the end of 2012, the Levelator is no longer supported or being updated by The Conversations Network. Conversations Network ceased daily operations at the end of 2012.

When OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) was released, the Levelator was found to be incompatible. The original development team, Bruce Sharpe, Norman Lorrain, and Doug Kaye collaborated in November 2015 to develop an OS X-only compatible release 2.1.2.

Levelator Download

Adjusting audio levels: The Levelator‘s main function is to deal with multiple audio files in order to make them have the same characters and sound the same way. It allows adjusting their volume and applying the same sound balance to each of them.

Supported formats: this software supports the most popular audio formats. It is able to proceed with WAV, AIFF as well as Adobe Soundbooth format. It is worth noticing that even if the formats are different, treating them at once is still possible.

Batch mode: the main advantage of The Levelator is that it is able to proceed with multiple files of various formats at a time. The user has not to adjust parameters of each track one by one but only once for all of them.


The Levelator is downloadable for free.

Other versions of this application compatible with Windows and Linux platforms are available on the developers’ website.


There is nothing special to report.

The Levelator Functioning
The Levelator Functioning

Levelator Mac

  • If a .mp4 file was submitted it was reported as a .mp3 file. (Neither are accepted by The Levelator.)
  • Attempts to Levelate compressed files (ie, other than WAV, AIFF, etc.) are now detected and reported in a more friendly manner.
  • If the source file can’t be opened (eg, due to a permissions problem) a better error message is displayed.
  • “New Version” alerts are now displayed even for minor updates if specified on our servers.
  • When installing a new version, the program did not always display the “news” file on the first startup (OS X only).
  • There were a variety of problems under OS X:
    • Version 2.0.3: Audio files could not be processed on PowerPC Macs under OS X 10.4.x. (The visible error message began “Level reports: dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found”)
    • Version 2.0.3: A permissions error was reported on a variety of OS X versions and configurations.
    • Version 2.1.0: Failed on PowerPC Macs (all versions of OS X).
  • When installing a new version, the program did not always display the “news” file on the first startup (OS X only).

Levelator Audacity

The Levelator adjusts the audio levels within an audio segment by combining traditional discrete compression, normalization and limiting processing. By taking a global view of the data in various time segments (both long and short), the Levelator automatically balances various audio levels, such as multiple microphone levels in an interview or panel discussion, or segments combined from multiple sessions that were recorded at different levels. The Levelator can read and process PCM audio files of many sample rates and resolutions.

The Levelator reads the original audio file and creates a new audio file with balanced levels and a uniform overall volume level that is then saved in the same format as the original, but with “.output ” added to the file name. Only PCM audio source files are supported (most major file formats, including WAV and AIFF). The lossy compressed audio is not supported, encouraging the use of The Levelator at the correct point in the production chain – i.e. before lossy encoding to the delivery format such as MP3.

Levelator Windows 10

Levelator is a free program that adjusts audio levels of a podcast or other audio files, for example, to equalize differences between two or more speakers. It’s not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all of these functions.

Just drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file to the Leveler and after a while, you’ll find a new version sounding better.

You may need the Levelator if you record interviews, panel discussions (when some persons are close to microphones and others not), etc.

Levelator is a program that works if you need this job.